Goose liver paté

The prepation of every fatty goose liver (Foie Gras) paté needs a careful, accurate and precise job. 225g fatty goose liver is used to make our product of 145g because we want to provide you only the best so simply the highest quality part of it can stay.
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The specialty of this product is the fatty goose liver is cooked Sous-Vide in Aszú of Tokaj (Hungarian full-bodied sweet dessert wine).
The taste of the fatty goose liver is dominant, it is inebriated only a little bit by Aszú of Tokaj.
The content of the fatty goose liver is 97,8 % high.
Ingredients: fatty goose liver, Aszú of Tokaj, a pinch of Himalaya salt and Muntoc pepper.
Not available for purchase!