Our range:

  • Unique in Europe, our Real Food products are free of artificial substances, preservatives and additives.
  • They can be stored at room temperature for 2 years, only need to be cooled before consumption
  • In line with the development of food culture, glass resealable products.
  • Smart heat-labeled products (information changing with temperature shows when the product is ready for consumption)

Royal Paté mission

Royal Paté recreates the Hungarian fattened foie gras and its Hungarian and international consumption culture, a luxury food with long traditions but an empty present.

We are innovators in everything. From the approach to the packaging.

We have created a sophisticated product of the future, driven by exceptional enjoyment value, characterized by natural, high-quality and traceable ingredients.

With a creative, inspiring, modern aura, we recreate the concept of foie gras for discerning consumers, modernizing foie gras consumption for all generations. 3 different product lines, 9 exciting product variations. Thanks to the portfolio, our products, from the world of brunch to diplomatic and business gifts, satisfy the needs.


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